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Types of Assessments


The following types of assessment are available:
Individual Values Assessment (IVA)
   Including individual feedback

Team Values Assessment (TVA)

  Feedback in a number of sessions
Corporate Culture Assessment (CCA)
  Analysis can be via any number of demographics (department, location, etc.)
Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)
  360 assessment plus feedback
Merger and Acquisition Compatibility Assessment (MACA)
  Similar to Corporate Culture Assessment with focus on creating a joint desired culture
Executive Search Assessment (ExSA)
  Once Corporate culture has been assessed
Employee Selection Assessment (ESA)
  Screening to ensure compatibility
Employee Exiting Assessment (EEA)
  Understanding why the culture has not kept key staff
Client Assessment of Corporate Values (CACV)
  Do your customers share your understanding of your values
Outource/Strategic Partnership Assessment (SPA)
  Can be used either to choose partners, or to align with them
Perceived Value Assessment (PVA)
  Assesses your marketing and sales material to ensure it is in line with your desired values
Internal Authenticity Assessment (IAA)
  Asses internal training and st`aff material for congruence with desired values
Cultural Congruence Assessment (CConA)
  Understanding and dealing with differences between all of the assessments to ensure a fully aligned organisation
Motivational Alignment Coaching (MAC)
  Work with leadership team one to one in order to positively align their values


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