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New organisation offers practical corporate cultural assessment and change consultancy

Research covering an 11 year period by Harvard Business School Professors has shown that organisations with a strong adaptive culture outperformed their counterparts by growing their revenues by four times more, number of staff employed by eight times more, and their stock price by more than twelve times more.

In the past assessing and changing corporate culture was a massive undertaking and only available to the largest organisations such as GE, ICI, Xerox, British Airways, etc. It was typically entered into in times of crisis and took many years to complete. The Centre for Integral Transformation (CIT) will make cultural change available for the smallest of organisations and deliver results in months rather than years using web based technology.

The first service available is the “Values Scan” which measures the personal and organisational values and behaviours and provides feedback which can then be used to develop and change. This process takes only a few weeks and is ideal for those who want to ‘test the water’.

The next service available  is the “Culture Scan”; this provides a more comprehensive process including a separate assessment of the management team, workshops with staff, and an outline plan for cultural change.

In “Integral Transformation” systems, processes, people and culture are all combined to produce a programme which will produce significant change for larger organisations. Other services include assisting in bring two groups together as would be required in mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

For information: http://www.integral-transformation.co.uk  or
Contact: enquiries@integral-transformation.co.uk 
Phone: +441494 898 075 or +44 870 121 5211


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